The All-New Foil RC bike

The All-New Foil RC bike


Aero, Lightweight or Comfort – choose three. Welcome to the next evolution of aero bikes with the all-new Foil RC. Designed to meet the demands of WorldTour sprinters, attackers and breakaway riders, this is the fastest road bike we’ve ever produced.

Givisiez, Switzerland. June 2022. The SCOTT Foil RC has been hugely successful and won nearly everything there is to win. And for that exact reason we decided to make the bike even better to fit the demands of today's riders. Traditionally when buying bikes, you always had to compromise and choose between Aero, Lightweight or Comfort. With the all-new Foil RC you no longer have to compromise and get all three in one incredible looking bike.

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UCI regulations on bike design were updated in 2021 meaning our engineers and designers had the chance to reimagine what an Aero bike can be. From the beginning, the team considered bike, components and rider as a system. By considering the three elements together we see real-life aero gains. Each design decision was taken to deliver the fastest complete system. Each design decision was taken to Win Every Ride.

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Aerodynamic Design
With the new rules and the previous Foil as a starting point, the team began to design the bike they wanted to ride. Something for the lone rider, whether breaking away from the peloton or sneaking in a solo pre-work ride, the Foil RC has been designed to provide you every advantage and get you there faster.
Our industry-leading F01 Airfoil Technology ensures that every tube reduces drag as much as possible. Junctions have been reduced and the UCI regulations pushed to the limit.

In front, the oversized head tube, besides allowing for fully integrated cabling for both mechanical and electronic shifting, acts as a fairing – breaking the air and reducing aerodynamic drag as a rider powers forward. The fork of the Foil RC features a deeper cross section and a higher crown – both providing additional aero advantages. The downtube and seat tube are a great example of the focus on the complete system. Engineers were able to identify extremely aerodynamic designs when testing frame only. However, during Wind Tunnel testing with a rider atop the bike, we found that these designs were actually less aerodynamic than the previous Foil. A thinner seat tube, which was less aerodynamic bike only, proved to be faster when we tested with rider, improving aerodynamic performance of the complete bike.

Towards the rear of the frame are some of the most interesting design elements. The seatstays are dropped, not only adding additional comfort but also providing less air resistance. They are aimed in at a 10 degree angle, forcing the passing air into the spinning spokes. Through aerodynamic testing we found that this little detail provides significant gains as the bike moves forward. Lastly, with the dropped seatstays we’re able to hide the disc brake callipers not only reducing the aero drag, but also adding to an overall clean aesthetic.

Lightweight Design
With over 300 designs tested, SCOTT engineers were able to deliver a better carbon lay-up, with a 30% reduction in the number of carbon pieces and joints used compared to the previous Foil. With incredible attention to the smaller details such as seat stays and seat clamp, the team shaved weight without sacrificing stiffness.

Syncros components are fundamental to achieving the aerodynamic gains, reduction in weight and of course in augmenting the comfort factor. With the new Foil RC, the clear stand-out features are the Creston iC SL Aero Combo and Handlebar and the innovative new Duncan SL Aero CFT seatpost. To increase comfort, coming stock on the bike, you’ll find a 25mm tyre up front with 28mm in the rear. If you need something beefier, no problem. The frame has enough clearance for 30mm tyres.

Syncros Duncan SL Aero CFT
One of the most innovative features of the bike is the patented new seatpost. The Duncan SL Aero CFT will not only make sure that on rougher surfaces you aren’t beaten up, but more importantly when on light gravel or cobbles, the seatpost will ensure you’re able to deliver maximum power through the pedals as you won’t be bucked out of the saddle.
Consisting of two parts, the front carbon fiber load bearing piece bends when the road gets bumpy ensuring you stay on the saddle. Cleverly tucked into the pivot point is a rechargeable rear light.

“My first experience with the Foil was very promising. The responsiveness and speed are really on another level. It is very exciting to return to the Tour de France with a exceptional bike like this. I'm really looking forward to it."
Romain Bardet, Athlete, Team DSM

”To be the fastest, it’s great to know we have the best equipment supporting us. It was exciting to work closely with SCOTT to develop a bike that brings us big gains. I am confident that this bike will contribute to even more success this season.”
Lorena Wiebes, Athlete, Team DSM

The Foil RC Product Range
The new Foil RC comes in 5 different versions: Foil RC Ultimate, Foil RC Pro, Foil RC 10, Foil RC 20 and Foil RC 30.

All specs and pricing are provisional and might vary according to currency. Please reach out to your local SCOTT contact for further information.