Moustache – sharing the passion for electric bikes

Moustache designs and manufacturers electrically-assisted bikes for every occasion – whether city commuting or mountain biking. The company was founded just over 10 years ago by cycling enthusiasts Greg Sand and Emmanuel Antonot and has now grown to an international network of resellers and customers. Their aim remains to open up the fun of cycling to new audiences, with electrically assisted bikes.

The inspiration
“In 2010 the number of electric bikes on the market was growing, but many of them were poor quality” explains Emmanuel. “I began to think about the qualities that I would like to see in an electric bike and how we could make them more fun and enjoyable for a variety of different environments. In terms of design, I wanted an electric bike with greater rigidity and a better centre of gravity. I also wanted to share my passion for cycling and make it more attractive, by using electric bikes – and not just for city cycling but everywhere. I started to work on ideas and then my accountant put me in contact with Greg. It was then that we started to develop our first prototype.
Greg and Emmanuel are both passionate about cycling and both come from small villages near Epinal, in the Vosges region of France. The area is a heaven for cyclists with multiple types of terrain. It was natural that they designed to lay the foundations for Moustache in the same region

A growing Moustache family
Moustache began in small home office in 2011, with just the two co-founders. Today the company has a 10,000m2 manufacturing facility near Epinal, and 180 staff. In summer 2023, Moustache will open an additional 3000 m2 facility, 100 percent powered by renewable energies. “The company has grown more quickly than we ever could have imagined” says Greg.
The Moustache electric bike family has grown from 7 to over 70 models. Users are sure to find the best fit for their lifestyle within the 14 different ranges which include Urban, Cargo, Speed, Polyvalent, Children’s bikes, VTTs and even Tandems.

Quality and Innovation
“Quality is the most important characteristic of our product” says Greg. “We position ourselves as a premium product, from conception and design through to after sales services for our resellers and end user customers. Each one of our bikes is completely hand built by one of our workers from start to finish, so they really have a lot of pride in the finished product.”

For the electric motors, to ensure best quality, Moustache made the choice to work with Bosch. Bosch and Moustache have worked closely together since the beginning and continue to work closely and innovate together. For example, Moustache has co-developed a specific assisting mode to fit perfectly their electric mountain bikes.

Why “Moustache”?
The moustache has always been integral to the bicycle. Look no further than the famous moustache handlebar! Moustache bike handlebars are a modern take on the famous moustache handlebars of the past. Every moustache is unique, every moustache is recognizable, every moustache has a strong identity, just like Moustache bikes.

“For the past 10 years, we have been convinced that it is possible to change our habits and leave the car in the garage, on Monday morning, and every other day of the week!” says Greg “That’s why we named the first ever Moustache bike “Lundi”.”

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